M-Equipment guarantees that when you deal with our company you will receive the best in reconditioned and second-hand Forklifts. We promise to provide you with the specifications and necessities you need at a high standard, along with friendly and helpful customer service.

We have earned an industry reputation for quality products, efficient staff, and honest product guidance when selecting the proper piece of equipment for your operation. In addition to the customer service benefits, we stand behind every forklift we sell. We are a large international company, thus allowing us to handle any concerns, needs, or desires you may have in a reasonable and beneficial way that satisfies our customers.

Before you start you need to determine what exactly what you want the forklift to do. You should answer some of the questions before moving forward. What is the weight of the load? What is the size of the weight? To what height the load is to be lifted? What room will the forklift get too move around? Will it be used inside or outside?

Absolutely, and we encourage this. We welcome you, or an independent inspector, to view any equipment you are looking to purchase before finalizing the transaction.

We are open Monday to Friday, 10:00 to 17:00 UTC +2

Each item in our catalog undergoes a thorough technical inspection before being put up for sale. Defects found are corrected on the spot in our service center.

We give a guarantee against hidden defects of a technical nature – 40 hours of work or 10 days from the date of purchase.
In the event of any breakdowns / defects not specified at the time of purchase, we undertake to compensate for the repair, or return the equipment with a refund of the full cost paid by the client.

The trade in value of your current equipment is dependant on the brand, type, age, hour usage, mechanical and cosmetic condition. Our used equipment specialists can do a thorough inspection of your equipment and provide you a price for your equipment.

All of our equipment is shipped via flatbed or van truck through a domestic or international freight broker to anywhere in the world. All equipment is fully insured against damage when arranged through M-Equipment. The approximate transit time is 3 to 5 days to most locations in Europe; M-Equipment is happy to arrange and manage freight logistics for you.

Yes. Exporting worldwide is a large part of our business, whether you are in Europe, Asia, Africa or anywhere in between. We can assist or arrange freight logistics anywhere in the world.

All equipment ships from our wholly-owned and operated facility.

Yes, we work with finance brokers to help you get finance for your new reconditioned Forklift. For more information about forklift finance please send send us email.

Yes. We are always in the market for additional equipment. Contact M-Equipment by phone or e-mail and asked to talk with the used department.

We can evaluate the equipment to see if it has any value. Sometimes older units are a good source for used forklift parts houses. We also pickup and properly dispose of non-operational older equipment for a nominal fee.